NYS Grant to Expand Housing Options

Posted by [email protected] on 02/19/2019 12:00 am  

The NY State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) awarded a three-year grant to The New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation (NY Alliance) to create housing options for People with Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). 

The grant will fund the New York Alliance Statewide and Regional Housing Collaboratives which will create a pilot program in each of the OPWDD Regions:

  • Western New York and the Finger Lakes,
  • Central New York, Broome and Sunmount,
  • Capital District, Taconic and the Hudson Valley,
  • New York City,
  • Long Island.

The regional pilots will provide housing plan development services to a total of 15 people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and continue to recruit and add 15 more people each year from the regions to receive services that will help them transition from their current home to the home they wish to create.

In addition to the pilots, the New York Alliance Statewide and Regional Housing Collaboratives will enhance the New York Housing Resource Center (HRC), an online resource, into a central hub of accessible information for:

  • Advocates and professionals supporting people in finding housing options, including provider agencies,
  • People seeking to provide housing options, and
  • People seeking housing options.

The (HRC) will be a valuable resource containing webcasts, podcasts, and other resources to facilitate housing options.

This grant program will offer trainings for people seeking housing options, as well as trainings for potential landlords.  A Statewide Learning Institute will be held to engage in facilitated conversations to surface key learnings, successes, barriers and other pertinent information.  They will consist of the following three learning tracks:

  • How to Work with Developers to Create Affordable Housing, including the Use of Tax Credits.
  • Resource and tools to be a navigator for housing.
  • How to Repurpose Existing Certified Properties and Leverage their Equity to support the Development of Uncertified Housing.

In addition to people seeking housing options and those seeking to provide opportunities, this grant program will bring together Master Housing Navigators, (MHNs) and regional collaborative networks representing a full range of stakeholders with which to be of resource and advise on successful outcomes for this grant program and beyond for the future.   

For more information about this program contact Co-Directors, Carol Napierski at [email protected] and John Maltby at [email protected].