About Us

The New York Housing Resource Center (HRC) for People with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities was developed by New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation  with funds received through the Balancing Incentive Program grant (BIP). The HRC acts as a clearinghouse for information and resources for the housing professional across the state and helps to foster collaboration between and among the housing industry and related professions, service provider agencies and people with I/DD. The HRC provides all housing stakeholders with technical assistance on housing matters and community training for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

Mission and Vision 

To inspire and strengthen our communities by creating sustainable housing options.

A place where people with I/DD, their families and the people who support them can get the information they need to create their home.



The HRC will provide education and information to people with I/DD, their families, the people who support them, Direct Service Professionals, service coordinators, transition specialists and housing professionals. Sign up to join our e-lists to stay up-to-date on the latest information!



Carol Napierski

Carol Napierski is the Senior Director of Innovation for the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation, formerly NYSACRA.  One of Ms. Napierski’s primary responsibilities at New York Alliance is project management of various grants including, Housing, Person-Centered Thinking / Planning and the Customized Employment Learning Institute. Carol is one of the Co-directors of the Housing Resource Center.

Before her time at New York Alliance, Ms. Napierski was the Executive Director of New York Medical Equipment Providers Association for 10 years, a trade association representing durable medical equipment providers.

In addition, Ms. Napierski has, more than 25 years’ of experience in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities and has worked in various positions including Special Educator, Behaviorist, Assistant Director of Day Treatment and Clinical Manager of an Article 28 Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

Ms. Napierski holds a Master’s degree in Special Education and an MBA certificate in Managing a non-for-profit organization 

John Maltby

John Maltby spent 36 years on Wall Street before leaving the industry in 2007. He was graduated with an M.S. from the Columbia University School of Social Work in May 2009. He served as the Director of Community Supports and Services at Westchester Institute for Human Development in Valhalla, NY and as Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Health at New York Medical College. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University in both the Business school and the School of Social Work.

John's particular focus for the last several years has been on providing housing options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He is the author of the "Housing Resource Guide", the "Report to the Housing Task Force" and "What Happens When I'm Gone". All three publications are designed to be accessible to people with I/DD and their families, their advocates, professionals who provide support and to policymakers. John is the creator of the Housing Navigator training program and co-director of the newly created Housing Resource Center.

John is an advocate for his son and for all people with disabilities and has served on local and national boards of provider and advocacy agencies for many years.