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What Does It Mean to Live In My Own Place?

Choosing where to live, who to live with, and how to live one’s life are basic rights. But for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) it can be particularly difficult to access those rights. In the past, living with family or in group homes may have been the only option. Today, many people aren’t aware of the different funding and supports available to help them live on their own. Even more challenging, applying for and finding the right housing is a complicated process that can take a long time.

To help people with I/DD understand their options for living independently in New York State, CUP worked with AHRC-NYC and design studio Second Marriage to create What Does It Mean To Live In My Own Place?, an illustrated guide. The foldout poster helps people with I/DD understand their rights and options, and address their questions on living independently. The guide also serves as a planning workbook to be filled out by people with I/DD and their supporters when they are preparing to live independently, complete with a list of resources on funding and where to get help.

In the Driver's Seat -- Finding a Roommate

In the Driver’s Seat believes that Self-Directed Services offer people with developmental disabilities and their families the opportunity to map out their future and be in control of their own lives.  We provide tools and resources to effectively navigate and utilize Self-Directed Services so that now YOU are In the Driver’s Seat.