guidebook module: Acknowledgment

This project would not be possible without funding from the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council of New York State and the support of the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation. Specifically, we would like to extend a special thank you to Carol Napierski for your expertise in launching and guiding the vision for this project, Kate Connally for your technical support with video recording and editing, and Kate Ng for the design elements to create a functional guidebook.

A special thank you to the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State for your invaluable collaboration in conducting the Living in Your Own Place interview series. In particular, we would like to thank Uly Ramos, Kevin Ryan, Mike Rogers, BJ Stasio, Erica Martinez, Tammy & John Fritz, Clint Perrin, and Michael Howard for your time and patience during the recording process and for sharing your lived experiences with us.

Additional thanks to Melinda Burns of Wildwood Programs for sharing your time and expertise to promote financial success for those looking to live on their own. To Timothy Elliott and colleagues with the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities for linking us to homeownership resources in the final days of the project. And to John Maltby of the New York Housing Resource Center and the NY Alliance Master Housing Navigators Patricia Calandra, Theresa Manuel, Derek Taylor, and Hank Lobb for your ongoing support, insights, and resources as we collaborate statewide.

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