Regional Housing Collaboratives

Regional Housing Collaboratives (RHCs) bring together people who create housing with people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), their advocates and the provider agencies that support them, to help to create more housing options at the Regional and Local level. This includes facilitated conversations to highlight the scope of housing needs, key learnings, successes, barriers, and other experiences that will lead to the creation of more housing options. 

RHCs include landlords, real estate agents, housing developers and finance practitioners, policy makers, family members, funders, individuals receiving supports, and service delivery professionals. The RHCs, led by the New York Housing Resource Center (NYHRC) team, together with experts in the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) service system and Regional Master Housing Navigators, create opportunities for people with IDD and their families to achieve sustainable and independent housing.

Regional Housing Collaborative Priorities

  • Acting as a clearinghouse for information and resources for housing professionals across the state in order to foster collaboration between and among the housing industry and related professions, service provider agencies, and people with IDD
  • Working with Developers to create more Affordable Housing
  • Repurposing existing State Certified Properties and leveraging their equity to support the development of Non-certified Housing opportunities
  • Mastering and sharing resources and tools to navigate local housing options (Regional Master Housing Navigators)
  • Working with policy makers to address inequalities and injustices that prevent people with disabilities from accessing safe, accessible, and affordable housing


To learn more about the Regional Housing Collaboratives you can view the webinar “Why RHCs?”  here:

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Statewide Learning Institute / Community

The NY Alliance through the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council Housing Grant, annually hosts a Statewide Learning Institute / Community (SLI/C) for family members, individuals receiving supports and other housing stakeholders. The SLI/C includes a series of webinars on topics based on responses to our Housing Stakeholder Input Survey.  Topics typically include: What Happens When I'm Gone - Wraparound Services; Planning for Independent Housing - 1 to 5 Years Out; Talking About Housing - Whose Role is it Anyway; What is it Like to Move and more.

The next Statewide Learning Institute / Community (SLI/C) is scheduled to begin in the Fall 2021. If you're interested in receiving notice about registration, please email [email protected] to be added to our e-lists!





New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation (NY Alliance)

A statewide nonprofit organization, the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation (NY Alliance) envisions a society where individuals with disabilities are contributing citizens with equal rights and the ability to live full, productive, and meaningful lives. The NY Alliance works to serve as a catalyst for positive change and leading resource for individuals with disabilities, their families, and the organizations supporting them.  The NY Alliance supports their mission through Advocacy, Education and Training, Technical Assistance and Practice Improvement, and by Advancing Sound Public Policy.

New York Housing Resource Center (NYHRC)

A key initiative of the NY Alliance, the New York Housing Resource Center (NYHRC) for people with IDD was developed by NYSACRA with funds received through the Balancing Incentive Program grant (BIP). The NYHRC provides all housing stakeholders with technical assistance on housing matters and community training for people with IDD and their families.

New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC)

The New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC) is the DD Council representing New York State, and funds the Regional Housing Collaborative.  Although 100% federally-funded, the DDPC operates as a New York State agency under the direction of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. The DDPC is not a direct service provider. It carries out its mission through grant work. The DDPC addresses the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the development of demonstration projects around advocacy, systems change, and capacity building efforts that promote self-determination, integration, and inclusion in all facets of life.